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The traditional version of cassoulet is made with beans; this one uses lentils and has an Indian flavor profile.
The smoky flavor of the vegetables in this rendition of a French classic takes ratatouille to the next level. Don’t hesitate to substitute or remove vegetables from the ingredient list below; allow the season and your local farmers market offerings to decide the make up of your grilled rat... Read more
Any firm-fleshed fish would work well in this recipe. The main thing is to pick a meaty fillet, at least an inch thick, or to get one cut from the center. The thin fillets or tail ends tend to overcook quickly. Heating the fruit, even for just a few minutes, brings out its tropical flavor.... Read more
Serve these lightly fried potato patties with a yogurt-based Cilantro Chutney and Tamarind Chutney. Chaat masala is a sweet-sour spice blend available at Indian markets. The potato cakes can be assembled and refrigerated a few days in advance. Fry them just before serving.
Skewers keep broiled shrimp in line, so to speak. Here, a "semplice" (simple) treatment keeps the timing within the boundaries of a busy weeknight, even with peeling and deveining. The mint is a nice, unexpected touch.
Anchos are poblano chile peppers that have been dried. They have a mild heat and sweet fruity flavor, and give these burgers incredible flavor.
This dish evokes the spirit of jambalaya, but in a much simpler form.
No doubt about it, this is an indulgence. It's also a great way to eat oysters: The bivalves, bacon, vinegar and lemony vin blanc sauce hit all the right flavor notes. At Pearl Dive Oyster Palace, these come 4 to a plate, but 2 would make a fine first course for a light meal.
This salad was inspired by Animal restaurant in Los Angeles, which serves a baby kale salad with pecorino and pumpernickel crumbs. The addition of a miso-mushroom omelet turns it into a meal.
This recipe uses turkey breast, marinated in a quickly assembled mixture of spices and herbs. The glaze is a finishing touch that lends a hint of sweetness and gives the kebabs a lovely mahogany finish.
Here's a dish that's so quick you can commit it to memory. It relies on cooked apple-chicken sausage and the "relish" is sweet-salty.
Braised lamb shanks are equally suitable for a simple at-home dinner or an elegant party. In this version, searing the shanks on a grill complements the smoky quality of the ancho chili peppers featured in the sauce, which is thickened with caramelized onions and apricots. Serve the shanks... Read more
Grilled apricots and scallions finish the dish and make it look as great as it tastes.
Dried fruit and a touch of curry powder do wonders for the humble meatball. Couscous and fresh slices of tomato, cucumber and onion complete this healthful main course.
Fresh mango emulsifies this vinaigrette, giving it the kind of creamy consistency usually found in egg-thickened dressings. If you happen to have some spiced pecans on hand, by all means use them. If not, toasted pecans will do.
Served hot, this nourishing soup makes great winter comfort food. And when the warm months hit, it’s just as delicious enjoyed chilled.
In this dish, hoisin sauce provides sweetness; pork adds flavor; ginger and a bit of chili sauce bring the heat (which we have adjusted to suit younger palates). Leftovers can be frozen. Serve the sloppy Joes with brown-rice chips and pickles
Here, bacon fat makes up for any creaminess you might miss in a mayonnaise-based potato salad.
This quick dish fills the bill perfectly as a satisfying breakfast, snack or light lunch alongside a salad or soup.
This salad makes an elegant appetizer. The avocado is thinly sliced and fanned out on the plate, with the lightly dressed citrus on top.
Loin of lamb is an elegant choice for a dinner party.
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